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Cause For Thaw


Facing imminent death, animals will sometimes freeze in place and collapse to the ground - paralyzed of the ability to run from or fight off danger. The horrific reality they’re facing is too difficult for their brain to process. Upon surviving the event, the animals will tremble or shake as they regain consciousness; their nervous systems are coming back online while they simultaneously experience a delayed surge of “fight or flight” endorphins. Animals are built to recover quickly from trauma by thawing out from their frozen state. Humans can’t naturally do this. In order to normalize after a traumatic shock, our brains replay scenes of the experience in repeated attempts to make sense of that which can’t be described. 

Cause For Thaw presents images of voids in an effort to precipitate the melting/healing process our frozen memories so desperately seek to avoid.

Size variable

Archival inkjet prints

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